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This vegetable salad bag, produced by Suzhou Quanhua Biomaterials Co., Ltd., is a biodegradable, nature-friendly bag. It is semi-transparent in color, so that the vegetables inside can be clearly seen; meanwhile, there are folded corners on both sides to expand the bag capacity; Besides, the ventilation holes all over the body allow the vegetables to breathe freely. Low noise, good toughness, and soft in touch, this vegetable fresh-keeping bag is easier for buyers to choose after sealing. It is a practical and environmentally friendly choice!

Products Features

Material Properties

1. Biodegradable and compostable in nature.
2. Nontoxic, harmless, healthy and sanitary
3. Food-contact safe
4. Meeting ASTM D 6400 and EN13432 Standards
5. GMO Free, Durable & Sustainable
6. Made of PLA+PBAT
7. Made up of natural extracts and contain no polyolefin plastic.

PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid) is made of corn or plant starch extract.
PBAT (short for polybutylene adipate terephthalate) is a biodegradable random copolymer
* BPA-free with NO-toxic chemicals.
* BPA-free with NO-plastic & NO toxic chemicals.
* Material is fully compostable polymers, certified compostable by The Biodegradable Products Institute to meet ASTM D6400 Standards

Parameters Table

Item No. Salad bio bag
Material: PLA+PBAT
Item Length 10-200cm or customized
Item Width: 6-50cm or customized
Unit Weight /
Cutlery Colors Nature white, or customized with Pantone color code provided.
Heat-resistance up to 45ºC or 113ºF.
Package Packed on roll,loose packed,outer bag packing,carton, customized according to your choice.
Package Material PE bags, bio bags, boxes, etc.
Printinngs Logo can be printed on products and outer packages
Certificates /
Storage * Stored in a dry condition at temperature not exceeding 45ºC or 113ºF.
* Avoid ultraviolet light sources.
* No special restrictions on storage with other products.
* Shelf Life :  2  Years.

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