Quanhua SY-02-FKN, 6.7inch/171mm(± 2 mm) PSM knife & 6.7inch/171mm(± 2 mm) PSM fork

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Quanhua SY-02-FKN, 6.7inch/171mm(± 2 mm) PSM knife & 6.7inch/171mm(± 2 mm) PSM fork

This SY-02-FKN, 1 piece of PSM knife and 1 piece of PSM fork together with napkin packed in bio bag, kraft paper bag, opp bag or any other packs as customers'request. 500 sets in a carton. Napkin, toothpick, salt, peper or wet wipe can also been packed as your requirement. Packaging support customer artwork design customization.
Individually wrapped to ensure the utensil remains sanitary, even after handling. High-quality, economical design, perfect for nearly any cuisine. Complimentary color options allow for use in a variety of settings, from office parties to event catering.
Serve take out and delivery orders with our PSM Cutlery Sets. Provide guests with all the essentials needed to enjoy meals. Great for special events! Heat-resistant up to 200°F, these PSM cutlery sets are perfect to pair with cold or warm dishes at your fast-casual restaurant, cafeteria, or deli. Featuring a smooth white finish, these PSM utensils effortlessly complement the decor at any foodservice establishment. Add a classic look to your dishes! Each cutlery is wrapped in a clear bag to provide you with a quick and effortless way to serve dishes.
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Products Features

Material Properties

1. Made from a plant-based bioplastic, produced from a rapidly renewable starch
2. Nontoxic, harmless, healthy and sanitary
3. Food-contact safe
4. GMO Free, Durable & Sustainable
5. PSM cutlery for cold or hot food&drinks, and PSM for cold or hot dishes.
6.ECO friendly & no smell

* PSM cutlery is not compostable or biodegradable and consists of 50%-60% plant starch materials such as corn, wheat or potato and 40% -50% polypropylene material. Durable and stylish,
* Absolutely safe for kids as well as for adults!
* Heat resistance up to 90℃/194℉

Parameters Table

Item No. SY-02-FKN
Material: PSM
Item Length Knife-171mm/ 6.7", Fork-171mm/ 6.7"( Length Tolerance: +/-2.0mm)
Item Thickness: Max. 3.04mm
Unit Weight 14.25gr/pcs (white) ( Weight Tolerance: +/-0.2g)
Cutlery Colors Any colors can be customized
Heat-resistance up to 90℃/194℉
Package 500sets/carton
Package Material Opp bags, bio bags, kraft paper bags, color boxes, etc.
Printinngs Logo can be printed in both inner and outer packages
Certificates DIN CERTCO
Storage * Stored in a dry condition at temperature not exceeding 50 °C/ 122 °F.
* Avoid ultraviolet light sources.
* No special restrictions on storage with other products.
* Shelf Life :  2  Years.

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