Quanhua SY-02-KN, 6.7inch/171mm(± 2 mm) PSM knife, CornStarch cutlery.

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Quanhua SY-02-KN, 6.7inch/171mm(± 2 mm) PSM knife, CornStarch Disposable cutlery.

When you're enjoying a hot fresh steak, will you need a sharp, sturdy and high temperature Knife? Recomend our SY-02-KN PSM knife for you. Qunhua PSM Cutlery is made with a blend of renewable resources and traditional plastic, 60% Corn Starch and 40% pp plastic. If you are a hot foods lover, the PSM Cutlery will be your excellent choice. High Heat Resistant up to 200° F afer the special procedure mixing of corn starch and plastic.
Compared to traditional cutlery made from 100% plastics, PSM Cutlery Using less plastic components reduces environmental pollution. More sustainable and sturdy.
Not Compostable. Ideal for high heat uses where commercial composting is not yet available
PSM Cutlery goes perfectly with other paper cutlery, plastic cutlery, cpla cutlery, bamboo cutlery and sugarcane pulp cutlery. Picnics and birthday parties are best enjoyed with disposable cutlery. Without having to worry about post-party-clean-up. Reinforced handles provide extra strength and stability. With so many amazing facts, it is impossible to not love these completely eco-friendly products!
Cutlery arrange in groups: Fork(SY-02-FO), Spoon(SY-02-SP). Customers can also independently match our other models of tableware. For more details, please contact us!

Products Features

Material Properties

1. PSM is a great renewable resource but is not compostable or biodegradable
2. Nontoxic, harmless, healthy and sanitary
3. Handy convenient and Great for any home or office function
4. GMO Free, Durable & Sustainable
5. PSM cutlery for cold or hot food&drinks, and PSM for cold or hot dishes.

* PSM cutlery is not compostable or biodegradable and consists of 50%-60% plant starch materials such as corn, wheat or potato and 40% -50% polypropylene material. Durable and stylish,
* Absolutely safe for kids as well as for adults!
* Heat resistance up to 90℃/194℉

Parameters Table

Item No. SY-02-KN
Material: PSM
Item Length 171mm/ 6.7"  ( Length Tolerance: +/-2.0mm)
Item Thickness: Max. 3.04mm
Unit Weight 5.40gr/pcs (white) ( Weight Tolerance: +/-0.2g)
Cutlery Colors Sanitary light beige color, custom colors also available
Heat-resistance up to 90℃/194℉
Package Bulk-packed as 50pcs x 20bags=1000pcs/CTN, or wrapped as customized
Package Material PE bags, bio bags, kraft paper bags, color boxes, etc.
Printinngs Logo can be printed in both inner and outer packages
Certificates DIN CERTCO
Storage * Stored in a dry condition at temperature not exceeding 50 °C/ 122 °F.
* Avoid ultraviolet light sources.
* No special restrictions on storage with other products.
* Shelf Life :  2  Years.

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