Quanhua SY-12SP 6.15″/156mm(± 2 mm) PSM spoon, bulked or wrapped by bio bags, kraft paper bags or customized packages

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Quanhua SY-12-SP, 6.15"/156mm(± 2 mm) PSM spoon, CornStarch eating utensils.

The6.15"inch PSM cutlery can be used to server flavour, tea, or any take-out meals for outdoor or indoor food function. SY-12-SP can be used to serve both hot and cold food items and is water and oil proof to give customers a quality dining experience. Both bulk package and specially-wrapped packages are available for party, institutional settings and any establishment requiring a quantity supply of tableware. It is a sustainable choice! It’s an eco-friendly & more sustainable alternative to 100% petroleum based products, sold separately.

Products Features

Material Properties

1. Made from a plant-based bioplastic, produced from a rapidly renewable starch and other fillers.
2. Nontoxic, harmless, healthy and sanitary
3. Food-contact safe
4. GMO Free, Durable & Sustainable
5. PSM cutlery for cold or hot food&drinks, and PSM for cold or hot dishes.
6.ECO friendly & no smell
7.PSM Cutlery is not recommended for microwaves.

* PSM cutlery is neither compostable nor biodegradable and consists of 50%-60% plant starch materials such as corn, wheat or potato and 40% -50% polypropylene material. Durable and stylish.
* Absolutely safe for kids as well as for adults!
* Heat resistance up to 90℃/194℉

Parameters Table

Item No. SY-12-SP
Material: PSM
Item Length 156mm / 6.15"  ( Length Tolerance: +/-2.0mm)
Item Thickness: Max. 3.04mm
Unit Weight 5.20gr/pcs (white) ( Weight Tolerance: +/-0.2g)
Cutlery Colors Sanitary light beige color, custom colors also available
Heat-resistance up to 90℃/194℉
Package Bulk-packed as 50pcs x 20bags=1000pcs/CTN, or wrapped as customized
Package Material PE bags, bio bags, kraft paper bags, color boxes, etc.
Printinngs Logo can be printed in both inner and outer packages
Certificates DIN CERTCO
Storage * Stored in a dry condition at temperature not exceeding 50 °C/ 122 °F.
* Avoid ultraviolet light sources.
* No special restrictions on storage with other products.
* Shelf Life :  2  Years.

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